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National Psychology Exam (NPE) On-line study course

Duration: 5 weeks of 6 hours live streaming per week. Plus 4 x 3.5-hour practice exams between live sessions. Total of 44 hours.
The practice exam is a replica of the NPE. It has four domains of Ethics, Intervention, Assessment and Communication. Each domain has 45 questions each except Communications which has 15. The exam will be available on screen for 3.5 hours before closing and providing you with an overall score and a score for each domain. The layout of the screen with next, back and flag buttons are also replicated from the NPE down to the location, size and colour.
The first practice exam will give you baseline data as to where you are at with your knowledge for the exam. As you move through the study program and complete subsequent exams you will be able to see this baseline increase, become comfortable and familiar with the exam format and most importantly manage the time.
Over the 5 weeks all of the readings in the NPE Recommend Reading List are covered.
Link to readings list. Also covered are all of the points detailed for each of the four domains in the NPE Curriculum. Link to NPE Curriculum outline.
With your Primary STAP Supervisors permission you can utilise the hours in this program for supervision and or PD. I am happy to provide confirmation of your participation and sign records of supervision/PD provided that this is arranged with myself prior to commencing.

*Prior to week one you will receive a link to the 1st full practice exam to complete in your own time. 

Week 1: 

Session 1: Intro: Structure and content of the exam. Readings and practical application of knowledge. Exam technique – how to wire your brain to efficiently and effectively access stored knowledge and apply it.
Ethics- Legal issues

Session 2: Ethics – Ethical issues & Professional issues

Week 2: 

Session 1: Assessment – test selection, interpretation, application, norms and administration. Interview techniques, systematic behavioural observations, self-monitoring and goal setting.
MSE, Risk Assessment, DSM 5 and ICD 10.
Psychometric assessments 6 in-depth knowledge – WAIS, WISC, PAI, DASS, K10 and SDQ.

Session 2: Assessment – Psychometric Assessments. 23 across the following categories; IQ, Adaptive, Memory, Vocational, Personality, Clinical and Mental Health.

Week 3: 

Session 1: Assessment – DSM definitions and diagnostic criteria. Essential features to make a diagnosis. Understanding limitations of diagnostic systems and issues of differential diagnosis and alternative models of psychopathology. Specific detail of 17 diagnostic criteria and 3 categories.
*Prior to week three session 2 you will have access to the 2nd full practice exam to complete in your own time. 

Session 2: Interventions – Evidence based counselling skills, cultural responsiveness, therapeutic relationships, responding skills, problem resolution, change based strategies, monitoring progress and managing endings.
Contemporary theories and models of treatment – cognitive and behavioural, psychodynamic and interpersonal, family systems, humanistic, narrative and solution focused.

Week 4: 

Session 1: Interventions – Evidence based interventions and knowledge of application of specific focused therapy techniques for the common psychological problems listed in the assessment section. Specific knowledge of; Psycho-education, interpersonal and psychodynamic approaches, solution focused techniques, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, cognitive behaviour approaches including behaviour modification – exposure/behavioural activation, cognitive interventions, acceptance strategies, self-management, relapse prevention, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing retraining, skills training (anger, social skills, assertiveness, stress management, mindfulness and parenting).

Session 2: Interventions - Psychopharmacology – drug classification, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.

Week 5: 

Session 1: Communication – Record keeping, report writing, referral procedures, liaise with professional groups, identify appropriate courses of action and appropriate on-line communication.
Knowledge and sensitivity to communication issues relevant to; culture, religion, ethnic groups, gender, sexuality, disability, political backgrounds, linguistic abilities and sensory acuity.
*Prior to week five you will receive a link to the 3rd full practice exam to complete in your own time. 
*Prior to week 5 session 2 send through questions/areas you would like reviewed/more information on or further explanation. 

Session 2: Recap main areas – 17 individual diagnoses and 3 categories from the DSM 5. 29 Psychometrics. Evidence based interventions. Psychopharmacology and Ethics.
*After week 5 session 2 you will receive a link to the 4th full practice exam to complete in your own time. 

Cost: $850 Early Bird $950 thereafter.
The early bird rate equates to $19.32 per hour and the normal rate equates to $21.60 per hour.

NPE On-line Study Course Dates
February 2021 Exam (Monday 1st February to Friday 19th February)
Each Wednesday from 5:30-7:30pm (AEST) and each Sunday from 2:30-6:30pm (AEST), 30th December to 31st January inclusive.
Early Bird Special Ends Sunday 16th December 2020