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Family Court Reports

These are undertaken by order of the Family Court or by private commission. The aim is to provide comprehensive and impartial information to assist child-centred judicial decisions. In the process parents/carers and the children are usually interviewed and additional observations may be undertaken. Particular care is taken to ensure children are safe.

Memory Clinic

The Memory Clinic was developed by Professor Philip Morris, consultant Psychiatrist/ Neuropsychiatrist and Medical Director of the Memory Clinic Tweed Heads/ Townsville and has been running successfully on the Gold Coast for many years and in Townsville through Psylution Worx since 2011. To access the memory clinic, patients will first need to consult their General Practitioner. It is requested that the GP follow the Psylution Worx Referral Form and complete requested tests including Laboratory Bloods, EEG, MRI, SPECT, CT of the Brain and Doppler Carotid Ultrasound. If the GP feels that the patient is also experiencing anxiety or depression in relation to their memory problems they may refer to the Memory Clinic under the Mental Health Care Plan Scheme (Item 2715) and this will entitle the patient to claim a Medicare rebate for the service. A Chronic Disease Management Plan may also be necessary for access to the clinic's Dietician and Occupational Therapist. If indicated, the patient may participate in a unique Memory Rehabilitation Program with a trained Psychologist, Dietician and Occupational Therapist with the aim of reducing risk factors for memory loss and improving protective factors for preserving memory function. Throughout the program there is a constant review process in collaboration with the patients regular GP.

Bariatric surgery

Clients who are referred for bariatric surgery are required to engage with a psychologist and dietician prior to undergoing surgery. This is to explore psychological and dietary factors which may be contributing to eating and weight issues and to prepare the client for the significant changes that will follow bariatric surgery. Once the client has met with their surgeon they will be referred to the psychologist for assessment involving suitability for surgery, psychological factors that may impact the client before and after surgery and education about pre and post-surgery expectations. This assessment is expected to take at least two sessions. The psychologist will discuss any concerns with the surgeon if required. The client will also be offered support post-surgery with the psychologist/dietician for assistance with cognitive adjustments to food and eating, changing eating patterns and coping after surgery.

Queensland Fertility Group Support and Donor Counselling

Psylution Worx is the Townsville provider for fertility counselling for Queensland Fertility Group (QFG). QFG patients who would like to engage in supportive counselling during their fertility treatment can access this service. QFG patients who are engaging with a donor process through QFG are required to attend counselling with QFGs fertility counsellors at Psylution Worx prior to commencing treatment. These services are provided by Alix Gibson and Dr Jennny Promnitz who are both registered members of the Australian & NZ Infertility Counsellors Association and the Fertility Society of Australia and specifically trained in providing fertility counselling.


Our practice provides psychosexual counselling to people who wish to improve their sexual function and relationships. Because everyone deserves and has the capacity to live a healthy sexual life, we work with individuals and couples who are experiencing relationship and/or sexual difficulties and dysfunction. We accept referrals in relation to female and male sexuality, disability and sexuality, love and relationships, older adult sexuality, youth/teenager sexuality, LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) issues, sexual expression and education. Our practice is also LGBTIQ friendly and uses a sex-positive approach.

Positive Behaviour Support Plans

Some members from Psylution Worx and Psylutions for Development attended comprehensive 5 day training on writing PBSP, through the Centre of Excellence for Clinical Innovation and Behaviour Support. As such, Kylie Lavers, Ashlee Wells, Kira Gibson, and Casey Channon are now endorsed to write the plans, and roll them out. 

Forensic Assessment and Treatment

This is undertaken through referral from Probation and Parole, Department of Justice and Attorney General (Corrective Services) and from the High Risk Offender Management Unit. Assessments can be undertaken to assist with the treatment and intervention requirements whilst incarcerated, transition from prison as well as rehabilitation for adults under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act (2003). Particular care is taken to assess risks to the community.

Pre-Cochlear Implant Screening

These are conducted by psychologists, Ms Alix Gibson and Dr Jenny Promnitz. The aim is to ensure that clients proceed with a cochlea implant procedure in an emotionally stable state, and fully understand the work that is required post-implant. There is also a brief cognitive and memory component to determine capacity to make a fully informed decision to consent to the cochlea implant.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis can be used by trained professionals to assist clients to address the following types of issues phobias, anxiety, smoking control, weight and eating issues, chronic pain, self-esteem strengthening and behavioural change.

Clinical hypnosis can be provided by your trained Psychologist to assist with behavioural change and addressing unhelpful thinking patterns (cognitions) and beliefs. Hypnosis is a natural and effective technique for working directly with the subconscious mind to change unwanted habits and behaviours and find solutions to problems.

Clinical hypnosis assists the client to focus and concentrate on a specific subject/idea or imagery whilst being in a deeply relaxed state. This allows the client the opportunity to consider alternative ways of thinking about things and other options for behaviour. During hypnosis the psychologist can make suggestions to the client about changing behaviours/habits and thoughts which in a normal conscious state, the client may not consider or accept due to their current beliefs or experiences. In other words, hypnosis can help the subconscious part of the mind become more receptive to therapeutic change.
Clinical hypnosis is generally used in conjunction with other evidence based treatments like CBT and strength based self-esteem therapies. During hypnosis, clients are not unconscious or asleep. You will be aware of everything around you. You will not lose control or do things you do not choose to do. Hypnosis is not used to uncover hidden memories.
Most people will find hypnosis a very pleasant and relaxing experience.

Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapist has experience working within an Adult setting providing a variety of services within the community, workplace as well as working within a case management role.

  • Equipment prescription
  • Home modifications
  • ADL/home assessments -Ergonomic assessments and prescription of ergonomic equipment

Speech Pathology

Our speech pathologists can work with adults to improve speech sound difficulties, expressive and receptive language, voice impairments, fluency difficulties, swallowing difficulties, use of multimodal communication, and difficulties with social skills. They have experience working with adults that present with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Intellectual Disorder, learning difficulties, speech and language impairments, dementia, post stroke rehabilitation and many more.

The dragonfly is featured throughout the practice and symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our capacity to grow and change. Their colours are a result of reflecting and refracting light and are reminders that we can also reflect the light of others and let our own light shine.